MFI throttle body refurbishment & stack taper machining

Are your MFI throttle bodies worn and leaking air? Do you need a specific set up for a high performance engine? Canford Classics can fully refurbish your MFI induction.

The throttle bodies are stripped down and inspected. The bodies are media blasted and intake shafts machined. The bodies are rebuilt with new bushes, brand new butterflies, steel parts are zinc plated, once detailed each body is refaced and then rebuilt.

Canford Classics can also machine your throttle bodies and throttle stacks to other specifications. T bodies can be machined into S spec and so on. They can also be over sized, we have several sets on 2.8-3.5 ltr motors. The bodies can be machined to your spec. We can also taper machine the stacks to suit eg 50mm down to 42mm. Furthermore we will soon be making inlet trumpets so again these can be made to suit your spec.

If the bodies are corroded it may be possible to fix this. We have both welded and machined the ports plus machined and sleeved the port to retain the original size. Please review the pictures below.

Throttle body refurbishment price £800 plus VAT if within the EU.

Stack machining price £600-650 plus VAT if within the EU

Canford Classics also sells new and correct throttle linkage kits… here


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